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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Army Knowledge offline?

Army Knowledge Offline (AKO Army) - AKO delivers web-based enterprise-level services to the United States Army, the Joint Staff, and Department of Defense clients. Business services are offered to these consumers on classified and unclassified networks and consist of a website, email, directory site, discovery, and single sign-on functionality.

Is akoffline endorsed or maintained by the US Army?

DISCLAIMER! This is a Third Party Site. While most (not ALL) links on this website link to Official U.S. Army/Military/Government websites; it is not endorsed or maintained by the U.S. Army. For more information please see the About AKOffline. Found a missing/broken link or have any suggestions? Report it HERE!

What if my ask is not listed in the marketplace?

Please ensure your ASK is up to date with stabilization requests and preference locations. We will still use your preferences within the ASK system if we need you for a requirement not listed in the marketplace as long as you were able to preference that location within your market.

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