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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between medpros and Ako?

While MEDPROS is accessible to soldiers worldwide, AKO is accessible only to authorized personnel. AKO is classified as either For Official Use Only or Unclassified. Some of the tools on AKO include standardized e-mail addresses, centralized authentication procedures, white pages, and the ability to access content from a remote location.

What is Ako online?

Ako Offline is an online medical readiness database. The AMEDD has developed the system to help commanders determine if their troops are medically ready to deploy. It also has links to medical and health resources. In addition to tracking immunization records, MEDPROS tracks medical readiness and deployability data. What is MEDPROS?

Is akoffline endorsed or maintained by the US Army?

This is a . While most (not ALL) links on this website link to Official U.S. Army/Military/Government websites; it is not endorsed or maintained by the U.S. Army. For more information please see the About AKOffline. Found a missing/broken link or have any suggestions? Report it HERE!

How do I update my Ako offline version?

MEDPROS and AKO Offline Although AKO offline is stateless, the data in AKO offline remains intact even if you restart AKO. In addition, you can upgrade your AKO offline version through Helm. This command pulls the latest docker image from your configured repository, restarts the AKO pod, and updates the Avi objects when needed.

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