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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to Army Knowledge Online (AKO)?

You log in using your Army Knowledge Online (AKO) user name and password. If you are having difficulties logging in, it is reccomended that you establish a DS Logon account and use that instead. *** IRR Soliders - you need a Level 2 DS Logon account to complete the Virtual Muster.

Is there a list of links on Ako?

Here’s a list of links found on AKO. Lots of Soldiers and Leaders used AKO to excess links they needed for daily operations. I hope this helps now that AKO is retired. Please remember that some of these links require a CAC, and may need a DOD network to use. I will be slowly adding these links to our links page.

What is an AKO account?

Following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the then-Army vice chief of staff declared that all military and civilian employees would be assigned an AKO account for emergency and status messages. At that point, the system took off and gradually expanded its capabilities.

How do I add security certificates to my AKO account?

1. Log into AKO ( 2. Click on My Account>CAC/Certificate Registration. Click on the Clear Registered Information button. 3. Go back to CAC/Certificate Registration. 4. Click the REGISTER button to add you Security Certificates.

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