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Frequently Asked Questions

What area code is 845?

Area code 845. Area code 845 is a telephone area code straddling the Hudson Valley region of the U.S. state of New York. 845 serves Rockland, Putnam, Orange, and Ulster counties, and parts of Dutchess and Sullivan, Delaware, Greene, and Columbia counties. Area code 845 was created on June 5, 2000, from most of area code 914,...

When will 845 area code exhaustion date change?

A new exhaustion date would be determined after the new area code option is implemented, the Public Service Commission said. When the last 845 number is given out, the next number would be the new area code, according to the petition filed. There is no change for existing 845 numbers.

What is the history of the area code 914?

The area code was created on June 5, 2000 by an area code split from most of the territory of area code 914, which was retained by Westchester County .

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