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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Apple TV Siri Remote have a U1 chip?

Apple on Tuesday confirmed that its new Apple TV Siri Remote does not integrate a U1 chip, meaning it can't be located with pinpoint accuracy through Apple's Find My network. The latest iPad Pro models also appear to lack the locator.

Does the 2021 Apple TV have a U1 chip?

Apple is perhaps expecting ‌Apple TV‌ users to add an AirTag to the back of the ‌Siri‌ Remote, which would allow it to be tracked via the ‌Find My‌ app. It also appears that the 2021 iPad Pro models are lacking a U1 chip as well, though the new ‌Apple TV‌ does indeed have U1 support.

What do you like most about the U1 universal remote?

The U1 universal remote is different, it supports both infrared and Bluetooth devices and can add up to 15 devices. Perfect remote than any other I think. There is a lot of future potential here. I'd love to see the app replicate all the remote functions and include some smart home functions.

Is the Logitech U1 a good remote for Fire TV?

All-in-one: I have a series of remotes that would be equally good, but at least as far as the Logitech 650 is concerned, it fell short. Logitech 650 only supports 8 devices, but U1 can add up to 15 devices. I love this U1 remote control. It is exactly what I expected. Easy APP set up and works well with my FireTV.

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