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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unpair my Apple TV remote?

Unpair Remote To unpair your Apple TV remote, hold down the Menu button and the Left button at the same time. After a few seconds, an icon appears on the screen showing a remote with two cloud-like icons. That means the remote is unpaired.

Why is my Apple TV remote not responding?

Why Apple tv not responding to remote. When you buy Apple TV, it comes with a remote controller. You might think that the battery is dead or there is something broken inside the remote and you will have to buy a new remote. But that is highly unlikely because the Apple TV remote is a well-built device and it doesn’t die easily.

What to do if your Apple TV remote stops working?

Unpair your remote. An Apple remote may stop working if you paired it with a device that’s no longer in use or not in the same room. If you’ve gotten remotes mixed up or want to use one universal remote, unpair your Apple TV remote by pressing “Menu” and “Left Arrow” simultaneously, and hold for 6 seconds.

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