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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Apple TV to buy?

The Apple TV 4K is the best Apple TV to get, and most people should get the 32GB model. As primarily a streaming device, you probably won't need that much storage, but if you need space for more apps and games, you can always pick up the 64GB Apple TV 4K.

Does Apple TV have a monthly fee?

Best Answer: Apple TV is a device, not a service. It lets your TV get certain things over the WiFi. You'll need internet service, which has a monthly fee, a wireless modem, and some streaming services like Netflix charge $8 to $11 dollars a month. Some are free, like PBS.

What is the monthly cost of Apple TV?

Everything We Know About Apple's Streaming Service, Apple TV+ launched Nov. 1, 2019. Apple TV+ made its debut Nov. 1. ... It costs $4.99 a month. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month, putting it well below the monthly rates of most of its competitors. ... Its talent roster features a number of impressive A-Listers. Apple's ability to snare top-tier talent is nothing short of impressive. Steven Spielberg, J.J. ...

Do you need a smart TV to use Apple TV?

No you do not need a smart TV, but the signal output is through an HDMI connection. Provided your TV has an HDMI input and you have an HDMI lead to connect from the Apple TV to your TV, then you should be OK.

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