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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install apps on my Apple TV?

In order to install apps on your Apple TV, you'll need: 4th Generation Apple TV. Siri Remote, or a properly configured third-party remote control. An Apple ID. Debit or credit card, for paid apps.

How do I Activate my Apple TV?

There are two ways to activate your Apple TV. You can activate your Apple TV using your iOS device by logging into your Vevo account on the latest iOS app. When your Apple TV and iPhone are using the same wifi network, your username will appear on the Apple TV screen.

Does Apple TV have an app?

The NEW Apple TV which is coming out in October 2015 WILL have an App Store. Not only that, any Apple developer can now create and submit Apple TV apps. If you want a glimpse of what is to come from Apple developers, check out my tutorial on how to build an Apple TV app:

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