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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the new fruit infuser water bottle?

New Improved Unique Bottom Loading Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Complete Bundle Includes Bottle Brush, Insulating Sleeve & Infusion Recipe eBook. Leak Proof Sweat Proof BPA-Free (Purple)

What is the best fruit infuser?

The long infuser is great for adding larger pieces of fruit, and it also comes handy with a tea infuser. If you hate the clean-up of a fruit infuser bottle, you’re going to love this pick. The infuser is located at the bottom of this bottle, allowing ingredients to soak without seeds or pieces of fruit getting stuck in the mouthpiece.

What is in a 1 liter infuser bottle?

A 1 liter infuser bottle which comes with a cleaning brush, protein shaker ball, and more. Only 1 left in stock. Apeiron Steel Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser (Silver, 1000ml).

Why do you need to look for infuser water bottles?

These infuser water bottles are handy, and it becomes easier for you to store or carry around. Search through a huge variety of these bottles and make yourself a rejuvenating treat. If you are looking for ways to enhance your fluid intake, you need to look for infuser water bottles!

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