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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of AKO?

The Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO) is an operator which works as an ingress Controller and performs Avi-specific functions in a Kubernetes/ OpenShift environment with the Avi Controller. It remains in sync with the necessary Kubernetes/ OpenShift objects and calls Avi Controller APIs to configure the virtual services.

How does AKO help the Jewish community?

Its primary goal is to unite the different kashrus agencies around the globe under one umbrella, serving the Jewish community to raise and maintain the highest level of kashrus possible.

What are the goals of the AKO Foundation?

The AKO Foundation supports charitable causes that improve education, promote the arts, or mitigate climate problems. Established in 2013 by Nicolai Tangen, the founder of AKO Capital, the Foundation has to date made charitable grants in excess of 160 million.

What kind of links does AKO provide?

The new AKO, called AKO 2.0, offers a more mobile-friendly and contemporary look and feel, modern navigation, the first-ever Army Directory linking users to Army organizations and a home page that presents information specific to military personnel, DOD civilians and contractors.

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