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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular careers for an abstract thinker?

Many abstract thinkers are also introverted and find a career as an artist fulfilling in the sense that they get to work alone and develop their own ideas. Other artistic avenues include graphic design, photography and music.

What does it mean to be an abstract thinker?

An abstract thinker might be more interested in what those tactics say about human nature and how the lessons can be applied to all aspects of human interaction within business (and beyond) to motivate, inspire and create connection. Here’s another example.

What can you do with an abstract degree?

Abstract thinkers are interested in how and why things function. They love fact gathering, hands-on work, variety and logic. Such careers avenues include biological scientists, industrial engineering technicians, medical scientists, physicists, detectives, mechanics, strategic planners and forensic researchers.

Do you use concrete or abstract forms of thought?

But more on that later…. The truth is that we all utilize both concrete and abstract forms of thought depending on the situation. It’s just that most people naturally gravitate to a dominant, preferred style. And that makes a big difference in how you are in life.

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