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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the noun for exercise?

Exercise is both a noun and the base verb in the a infinitive to exercise. As a noun it can function as a subject, object, object of a preposition and adjective in a sentence. The exercise (adjective modifying noun book) book contained the exercise (noun object of verb contained) that his teacher assigned.

How do you use abstract in a sentence?

The word "abstract" can be used as a noun, verb and adjective depending its meaning and context. The sentence "The researchers found more ways to pose abstract questions" uses abstract as an adjective, meaning theoretical, not practical or not concrete.

Is concrete an abstract noun?

Concrete and abstract nouns. A concrete noun refers to a physical object in the real world, such as a dog, a ball, or an ice cream cone. An abstract noun refers to an idea or concept that does not exist in the real world and cannot be touched, like freedom, sadness, or permission.

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