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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lineline art?

Line art is a drawing style that uses lines and strokes of different weights and angles, without using shading or gradient. Artists who use this technique may choose to create a drawing with a single, continuous line (and this type of one line drawing face can be a great way for new artists to start).

What is abstract face art print?

Abstract Face Art Print is the best way to banish those blank walls and bring art to your space. All posters are giclée-printed on archival, acid-free paper for sharp, high-quality images and super vibrant colors.

Is line art a good drawing style?

For artists who want to get better at drawing faces, line art is a good style to start with. It forces you to embrace the basics and learn how to really see your subject, without leaning on shading or color to enhance the drawing. Many famous artists have used line art to draw portraits.

How to draw a realistic line art face?

Getting the proportions right is a key component to drawing line art faces. There are several rules of proportions you can follow to generate a realistic line art drawing of a face: Eyes should be placed halfway down the head, on the horizontal line that you drew. This may seem strange at first; most people want to place them higher.

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