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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best movies in Bollywood?

The Best Bollywood Movies of All Time 3 Idiots 2009, 160 min. Lagaan: Once Upon a Time In India 2001, 224 min. The Brave Heart Will Take the Bride 1995, 189 min. Sholay 1975, 204 min. Something Is Happening 1998, 177 min. Devdas 2002, 185 min. Like Stars on Earth 2007, 165 min. Happiness & Tears 2001, 210 min. Chak De! India 2007, 153 min.

What is Bollywood movies?

Bollywood is a popular name for the film industry in India. The name is a combination of Bombay, the former name of the city of Mumbai, where the Indian film industry is based, and Hollywood, the capital of cinema in the United States and a de facto symbol for movies worldwide.

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